Couples and families navigating dementia

I understand the complexities you face—the desire to provide the best care for your loved one while grappling with uncertainty. It’s okay to feel perplexed; dementia presents unique challenges. Allow me to offer my support:

Information and Guidance

  • I’ll provide clarity. Let’s discuss dementia, its stages, and practical strategies.
  • Understanding the condition empowers you to make informed decisions.

Communication Strategies

  • Relationships can be strained. I’ll share effective communication techniques to restore harmony.
  • Laughter is healing—let’s find moments of joy together.

Programmes Tailored for You

  • Getting Along™ ProgrammeSupport for Couples: Developed by Damian Murphy, this lovely programme supports couples to address changes in their relationship that may be brought about by a dementia.
  • Living Well with Dementia Group: Designed for couples facing a new diagnosis. Connect with others on a similar journey.

Remember, you’re not alone. Reach out, seek knowledge, and prioritise your well-being. Together, we’ll navigate this path with compassion and resilience.

To arrange a complimentary consultation via Zoom or on the phone click here or visit the get in touch page.