Dear Fran,

This is a heartfelt email of thanks to you for your resourceful, sensitive and informative training sessions held over the last two weeks, I’m sure everyone would agree that we are now far better equipped to provide pastoral support to those within our church and our community who live with Dementia.

We will keep in touch and update you with some of our experiences as our team becomes more embedded in our role.

Thank you so much.

Judie Thomson, Deputy Church Warden, St Andrew’s and St Cuthman’s Church, Steyning October 2023.

Brilliantly delivered, invaluable life skills training that should be available to everyone.

Participant in Learning From Living with Dementia Training

A thought provoking, eye opening and inspiring training session which has not only enhanced my practice but has also helped me to consider ways in which the charity can be more dementia inclusive.

I think that the participant contributions were amazing. I think that the organisation they are linked to must do outstanding work because I have yet to come across people who are living with dementia who have such knowledge and insight into their condition. The participants were not only well informed but were empowered to build on their strengths and abilities. Very inspiring.

Fran is an excellent trainer. From the offset Fran made everyone feel welcome and at ease. She was extremely knowledgeable about the issues affecting people living with Dementia and was able to draw on practical examples to help better inform our practice. Fran was really engaging, interesting and helpful throughout. The sessions were run expertly, and she managed the technical aspects of the training with skill. She made it look effortless!

Emily Kenward – CEO Time To Talk Befriending – feedback from Learning From Living with Dementia Training during lockdown via Zoom

Dear Fran, Thank you so much for your help and advice on my dad and family. And for sparing precious time to chat to them both. It’s made a huge difference to how my dad feels and how we treat him – and how his care will be manged in the future. It’s been a god-send to have someone to talk to as well and manage how I deal with it all too!

Maxine, supporting her Mum and Dad

Positive, affirming, well-led, full of knowledge, helpful

Feedback from Learning From Living with Dementia Training

Fran is an excellent trainer who is perceptive to the needs of the group. The content is relevant and refreshingly focused upon the person and not on the dementia.

I really enjoyed this course and as an Occupational Therapist am excited to see the rolling out of strength based / interest based holistic training such as this. Thanks.

Feedback from Learning From Living with Dementia Training

Dear Fran,

Thank you so much for your support in helping me understand how I could find connection with my lovely Auntie Syl, and how I could support her and understand her condition more in such a person-centred way – I have so much respect and gratitude for what you bring to the world through the work you do – you really made all the difference in how I felt able to really be with my Auntie Syl in her final weeks on this earth. Thank you

Lisa, supporting her favourite Auntie in her last few weeks of life.

To Fran,

In a service based on numbers in and out, where budgets are cut, and time is scarce, you have reaffirmed the knowledge that slowing down and taking a moment can make a real difference. You have possibly the best demeanour I have ever seen in a healthcare professional. You are calm, but passionate; respectful, but commanding; and courteous, but strong. The way you carry yourself is how I hope to emulate my practice in future, even when under stress. Thank you for the work you do here, and all the positive changes. It matters and is noticed. Thank you for making my final placement so memorable, and for reminding me that the right voice doesn’t always join with the loudest. Best wishes, for the future.

Hatty, final year Occupational Therapy student on placement.

Dear Fran, You have been a superstar supervisor! thank you so much for your support, advice and supervisions during this placement. We have really appreciated it!! Hope to see you in the not so distant future! Claire xx

Dear Fran, Thank you so much for your help and support while we have been on this placement! It has been great being supervised by you! All the best, Becky xx

Final year Occupational Therapy Students on Diverse Placements, when I provided long-arm supervision.

To Dear Fran, with many thanks for all your help, care and concern during the past six months, also for teaching me the new skill of needlepoint, which I am thoroughly enjoying!

Marjorie, dealing with and overcoming later life depression