NIHR Funded Clinical Research Masters

University of Brighton, 2017 -2019

Research Project Title: Towards a more balanced narrative of living with dementia

The aim of my research study is to explore stories from people living with dementia. If a more balanced picture of dementia is readily available, newly diagnosed individuals and the people in their lives will be offered an alternative vision of living with the condition. Receiving a diagnosis in an environment of hope will support a more positive start, giving a stronger foundation for living and coping with dementia.  

I am presenting my preliminary findings at the 2019 Royal College of Occupational Therapists Conference


Presenting at the 2018 UK Dementia Congress in Conversation about Dementia Diaries about my role as a volunteer transcriber for the project. 

D-Mob, Brighton based peer support group, held a workshop at The Dementia Congress in Brighton in November 2018: “D-Mob: Finding our feet, finding our voice and helping you find yours. Sharing the journey of forming a new DEEP group and creating a local information pack for people living with dementia attending Congress in our home town of Brighton & Hove”. It’s a pleasure to watch people’s confidence growing as they share experiences and support each other. 

Congress workshop

I presented with Dementia Diaries at the Dementia Action Alliance Technology Event at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT). I was lucky enough to present my perspective as a volunteer transcriber for the Dementia Diaries Project.