How I can help

Are you living with dementia? 

A new diagnosis of dementia can feel like a real blow and can knock your confidence and self-esteem.  I can help you regain your confidence, get back to your favourite hobbies, or find new ones. I can work alongside you to make simple changes to your home and routine to enable you to stay independent for longer.

Programmes available: 

  • The Occupational Therapy-Led Home-based Memory Rehabilitation Programme, an evidence based post-diagnostic programme now rolled out across Scotland and Northern Ireland. 
  • Community based memory strategies groups, providing education and awareness about how memory works and offering strategies to compensate for memory difficulties, whilst reducing stress and anxiety which can naturally accompany memory issues.  
  • Psycho-educational work in both group and individual sessions including health promotion such as information on diet, exercise, anxiety and stress management techniques, vital in supporting people’s ability to self-manage and stay well in the community or in a care home setting.
  • Getting the best out of life with life story work, music playlists and bucket lists. 

Support for couples and families

You want to do the best for your loved one but sometimes things are so perplexing that you’re not sure how. I can help with information, support and communication strategies to restore harmony and laughter. 

Programmes available: 

  • The Living Well with Dementia group for couples with a new diagnosis. 
  • The Getting Alongtm programme, developed by Damian Murphy of Innovations in Dementia, looks to address the many difficulties that arise in relationships where one partner has been diagnosed with a dementia. 

Training and support for care homes and organisations

If you are a care home or organisation, I can provide training and activities planning. I can consult on environmental changes to enhance wellbeing and safety for your residents and visitors.

Programmes available: 

  • Enabling Activity in Care Homes, implementation of the Living Well through Activity in Care Homes Toolkit, designed by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists. 
  • Dementia Awareness and Training Programmes aligned with the Health Education England Dementia Core Skills Education and Training Framework.
  • Dementia Care Mapping.
  • Falls Prevention Training.
  • Exercise for the Prevention of Falls and Injuries in Frailer Older People.